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MODA Frequently Asked Questions

MODA Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Here are some common FAQ to decide if MODA is right for you: 

When do I start paying condo fees?

Enjoy two years of FREE condo fees at MODA! Your fees will only kick in at the two-year mark following your date of possession. 

What will the condo fees cover?

Your monthly condo fees are calculated based on the square footage of your home and appropriated to the anticipated budget for necessary building expenditures regarding upkeep and maintenance, repairs, operating expenses for common areas and more.  Condo Fees vary and range from $164.62 to $177.16 per month. Here is a breakdown of what your condo fees will include: 

  • Common Property Maintenance including landscaping, ice and snow removal
  • Repairs, maintenance or replacement of the amenities
  • Maintenance of exterior walls, roofs and other structural parts of the building
  • Repair and replacement of party walls (unless caused by owner or guest negligence)
  • Maintenance of the units (portions of which the corporation is responsible for)
  • Lighting fixtures of the common property
  • Furnishing equipment for common property
  • Building insurance
  • Reserves for repairs and replacement of common property and the preparation of the reserve fund
  • Property Management fees and any charges for consultation, legal, accounting fees and disbursements 

What is included in maintenance-free landscaping?

Enjoy maintenance-free landscaping for all areas of the common property. This includes snow removal services for the common areas, walkways, interior roadways and the visitor parking area. Owners are responsible for snow removal on their exterior stairs, decks and balconies. 

Can I plant additional flowers, shrubs or a garden in my yard?

One of the benefits of owning a condo at MODA is that all the landscaping is included in your condo fees. If you would like to plant additional flowers, shrubs, or a garden in your yard, written approval will need to be requested through the corporation first.


Is MODA pet-friendly?

MODA welcomes your pet, as long as they are no larger than 65 lbs and smaller than 26” at the shoulder. Owners are responsible for their pets. However, the Condo Board reserves the right to take necessary measures to ensure that residents’ safety is the utmost priority.


Where can my visitors park?

We want your guests to feel welcome, which is why MODA offers 15 visitor parking spots on site. There is also additional street parking available if these spots are occupied.


Are BBQs permitted?

All residents are permitted to use a propane barbeque as long as it is used and stored on the patio deck. So you can soak in the sunshine and enjoy summer’s finest moments here at MODA.


Can I install an air conditioner?

If you would like to attach or erect an air conditioning unit, a written request will need to be submitted for Board approval first to ensure the size and type of unit is permitted by local by-laws. Central air conditioning must be installed and upgraded through MODAby Dolce Vita Homes. The size and location of condenser units are controlled by the Condo Corporation and may require additional screening.


Can I rent my unit?

Yes! All residents of MODA will be permitted to rent their unit as a whole or by room. However, there are restrictions on temporary rentals, such as Airbnb or VRBO.


How long will the development take to complete?

MODA will be completed over a number of phases. Once the first phase is registered at the land titles offices, the developer intends to complete any subsequent phases within 5 years (60 months) time.


When will the Condo Board form?

If you’re interested in becoming a Board Member, the first Annual General Meeting will take place within 90 days from the date that 50% of the units are occupied. The board will consist of 3-9 unit owners or their proxies.


What are the advantages of buying a “new” condo?

Buying your condo at the planning stage can provide you with a number of substantial savings and also allows you to select and customize your floor plans and locations withinMODA.


If you’re ready to explore what customizable modern luxury living is all about, contact us today to learn more about our highly anticipated MODA developments and to book your private one-on-one appointment. 

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